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The Centre of Learning & Afro-Centric Orientation (COLAACO) is located at Lot 9 Thomas Road, Thomas Lands, Georgetown, Guyana. It is recognized by the Ministry of Education in particular and the Guyana Government in general. COLAACO is ethnic, religious and gender inclusive; which works towards providing an excellent quality of life skills education that is distinguished by its balanced emphasis on the moral, social and cultural experience of its pupils.
COLAACO currently comprises an Early Childhood development, Nursery and Primary Departments. The pupils are taught by certified, competent and caring teachers. They receive a high quality education, which is evident from its success rate at its first offering in the 2013 National Grade 2 Assessment with an average pupil score of 84. 2% .
In addition, the children of the primary as well as the nursery departments entered the 2014 Mashramani Dance and Costumes competition respectively and gained third and second places. One pupil of the center offered for the Grade 2 Assessment this year and attained an average score of 84. 5% receiving in excess of 80% in each subject Reading, Mathematics and English. COLAACO is equipped with a Computer Lab which provides information technology training to it primary department pupils.
Recently the centre commissioned an Early Childhood Recreation Park which is desirably safe and secure. The centre is in the process of adding a dance, drama and music component to the curriculum. This quality service which allows for such desirable achievement is provided for a nominal fee, which is significantly less than the cost of delivery.
To manage the operation of the center, we have implemented several
income-generating and training projects, such as a small farm that includes a Hydroponic Garden, Snackette & Culinary Centre within its compound. Produce from the farm & Hydroponic garden are usually sold to the members of staff and the public, while the culinary center provides meals and snacks which are similarly sold. Catering services by the culinary center are also available to the public.
Training programmes are continually developed for students and young persons in the community. These ventures alone, however, cannot sustain the full cost of operating the school, thus we seek additional funding through fundraising events, donations and grants, etc.
COLAACO is managed by the Education Management Committee of the African Cultural and Development Association which is duly registered under the Friendly Societies Act in Guyana. This Committee is administered by a 10-member Board of Directors elected biennially from among the General Membership at the Annual General Meeting of EMCOA.
The officers of the Board of Directors are: The Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Facilitator, Assistant Secretary, Assistant Treasurer and three (3) Committee Members, including a representative of the Parent-Teachers Association of COLAACO.
The committee, which has a patron, is also made up of two (2) categories of membership-- General Membership and Supernumerary: Overseas and Corporate and is administered by its Charter which is available on our website www. COLAACO.org.

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