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The idea of a Secondary School in this area took birth in the late 50's and early 60ths. Due to the fact that numerous students around this community were going to schools far away. These Students were at grave disadvantage because of their economic and transportation difficulties. As a result a group of senior citizens in this immediate community saw it necessary to explore the possibility of trying to have a Secondary School built in this area. Fortunately proprietors in Bush Lot Village, Corentyne, Berbice, agreed to donate lands for the establishment of Secondary School.

Mr. Christendat Molai then a young Lawyer was nominated as Secretary for this group. He Undertook the responsibilities of doing all the legal transfers and paper work so that a portion of land could legally be obtained for the establishment of this Secondary School. And so they began in 1962 with lands donated by the Molais, the Rampersauds, the Seedats, the Jairams, the Persauds, the Ragoos among others. The Ministry of Education agreed to supply materials to build a Secondary School, which will be done by self-help. The group then pinpointed Mr. Lachman Sadhoo a carpenter /contractor to head a team of workers to begin construction. These workers were mainly resident from Bushlot Village, and Bushlot Farm. Food supplement was give as an honorarium on a weekly basis in the form of flour, peas, cheese, butter, soap and rice to these volunteer workers.

The then Minster of Education Miss Shirley Field Ridley laid the corner stone on 5th March 1967.

Thus, Central Corentyne Secondary School took birth and was able to open its doors on 22nd April, 1968 by the said Minister of Education. The first Headteacher was Mr. Seepersaud with Mr. Cyril Drepaul, Chetram Seetaram, and C. S. Seepersaud along as staff members with 139 students, drafted from Kildonan Primary, Wellington Park Primary, No. 43 Primary and Eversham Primary.

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