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The Edward B Beharry & Co Ltd started from humble beginnings in 1937 as a small importer, wholesaler and retailer of food products and has now evolved into a large conglomerate including manufacturing, marketing, financial services, vehicle dealership and recently, fast food.Borrowing from his successes in trading, in March of 1959, co-founder, Edward B. Beharry took his first of many bold steps when he entered the manufacturing arena producing ChampionTM Baking Powder. From there, the Company expanded its product line to include its signature IndiTM Special Madras Curry Powder, the readily recognizable ChicoTM Bubble Gum, and other very successful products including custard powder, various individual and mixed spices and seasonings, coffee, a wide range of sugar confectionery and paper bags. Further expansion in the 1990’s into noodles and pasta saw the introduction of the highly popular ChampionTM pasta and ChampionTM chowmein. From 1997 to 2007, the Company proceeded on a major retooling and expansion initiative, investing over USD27.5M, to cement its status in the local market and to prepare it to enter the global market arena. Manufacturing lines were retooled and expanded, facilities were upgraded and processes were refined and new ones introduced to facilitate this entry. Moving ahead of schedule, in 2005, the company received its first ISO 9001 certification. Since then, it has continuously held this certification, covering the processes for all the products that it manufactures.

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