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Fibre Tech Industrial Plastics (FTIP) has continued to play a major role within the manufacturing sector, operating in Guyana for almost 25 years, creating employment and boosting the supply of locally manufactured goods. The strength, durability and versatility of ‘fiber’ has allowed the company to manufacture, customize and repair a range of products. Over the years, the company has saved the country significant amount of foreign currency, by producing and repairing products which would have had to be imported and / or condemned.

FTIP has impacted positively on many sectors / sub-sectors including agriculture - canopies for tractors, repairs to machinery and equipment, etc., forestry – repairs to machinery and equipment, etc.  mining -  lab. equipment, sluice boxes, missile tubes, portable toilets, urinals, shower stalls, repairs services, etc., tourism - kayaks, boats, canoes, bars, stools, huts, health – labs, etc. education – desks, chairs, tables, etc., recreational products such as slides and swings, benches, etc., residential – bathtubs, cupboards, sinks, islands, tables, chairs, etc., industrial – tanks (fuel, water) translucent sheets, etc.

  • East Coast Demerara, 105 - 106 Triumph Village Agriculture Rd, Georgetown, Guyana

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