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Our HR Service eliminates the hassle and stress of finding the right talent for your business development and structuring the necessary policies while developing an effective offer for employee retention. With our services, we can also manage an entire workforce for any organization with no restriction to size.
Our logistics services cater to companies or individuals seeking to bring important or essential items into the country. We handle all customs processing, from documentation to clearance, we offer ground transport to customer location, we can procure any item/product for individuals or organizations once specifics are given. We organize shipments from our Miami freight forwarding partners to Guyana via air or Ocean and facilitate all processing for customers. This service removes the stress of logistics from our clients and we make sure all desired packages are delivered safely. Accountability is key in every service we provide.
We proudly manage the courier brand PASpak Guyana, which helps customers acquire various products from online suppliers and offer weekly shipment options for individual customer.

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